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Family A-Fair: The Fair Family Journey

Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Nations

Cattle, Fish, Poultry and MORE! (Vision*)

Animal Husbandry: The branch of agriculture concerned with the care and breeding of domestic animals such as cattle, hogs, sheep, horses, etc.

a. Raising Rabbits “Rabbitat”

i. “Rabbitat” refers to breeding rabbits as a source of food, fertilizer and warm clothing.

ii. Because of a high reproductive rate, rabbits can out produce a beef cow in meat production in one year if managed well. The benefit in a third-world situation is that rather than butchering a large animal and having hundreds of pounds of meat at one time, rabbits produce equal or greater amounts of food in small portions over time. Rabbit fur is one of the warmest among mammals. Rabbit manure is one of the few manures that can be directly applied in the garden without composting it first.

iii. Rabbits production will work well in rural communities and on a smaller scale with urban families.

b. Poultry (chicken, turkey and duck)

c. Family Dairy Cow

d. Family Dairy Goat

e. Meat Goats

f. Cattle

g. Pig Farming

h. Aquaculture

i. Fish farming in containers, lakes and ponds.

i. Bee Farming

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