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Family A-Fair: The Fair Family Journey

Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Nations

Amanda (Amey) Fair

God has given me a passion for home education and it really is the ministry I enjoy most in my life right now. I love watching my kids light up when some new concept is grasped or when we read a really great book. I love listening to Benjamin read aloud to me and talking about history with him. And most of all, I love the opportunity I have to spend time in the Word with them, teaching them from the Bible and memorizing Scripture toghether. I feel so blessed to be able to educate my children in this way.

Born in Weatherford, Texas.

Countries Ministered In: 45 US States, Canada, Mexico, China, Mongolia,

Guatemala, Honduras, Denmark, Sweden, and France.

Missions Training...

* Discipleship Training School (DTS): Sept 1998-Feb 1999

Field Internship: Northwesten Africa.

* School of Evangelism: March 1999- August 1999

Field Internship: Western United States.

* Strategic Frontier Internship: Spring 2006

* Kings Way Missionary Institue (Spanish Language School): August 2007-May 2008

* World Hunger Relief: Third World Agricultural Development Internship: December 2010-December 2011

Missions Experience...

Accounting Department: I spent my first year on staff in the accounting department at the missionary base in Tyler.

Endangered Freedom Productions (EFP): I spent a year-and-a-half on a traveling multi-media presentation team named EFP. We ministered in churches, high schools, colleges, coffee shops, on the street and to whomever would listen.

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