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Family A-Fair: The Fair Family Journey

Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Nations

Agricultural Vision Overview (Vision*)

*This is what we believe is a part of God's vision for our family and His Kingdom. With that said, we know that "Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand." Prov 19:21

1. YWAM Internal Training

    a. Preparing short-term mission teams to make a greater impact

             i. SST: YWAM Summer Missions Program for Teenagers

             ii. DTS: Three Month YWAM Discipleship Trading School with two month foreign practicum.

             iii. Secondary YWAM Schools

             iv. Outreach teams

             v. Mercy Ministry

    b. Develop a School of 3rd World Agricultural Development

    c. Agricultural Seminars at YWAM Tyler

    d. International YWAM Agricultural Seminars

    e. Internships for families and individuals headed to the mission field.

2. External Training

    a. Providing quality and relevant training to US churches who are sending short and long-term teams and               individuals to work in third world situations.

             i. Family Camp

             ii. Internships for families and individuals who want to learn homesteading skills.

    b. Offer local training and seminars for agricultural education (i.e. back yard poultry, aquaponics, beekeeping, etc.)

    c. Training for non-governmental organizations working in the third world.

3. Cultivation and Crops

    a. Permaculture

    b. Aquaponics

    c. Homestead Garden

    d. Urban Gardening

    e. Alley Cropping

    f. Fruit Trees and Grafting

    h. Herbs

4. Animal Husbandry

    a. Rabbits “Rabbitat”

    b. Poultry (chicken, turkey and duck)

    c. Family Dairy Cow

    d. Family Dairy Goat

    e. Meat Goats

    f. Cattle

    g. Pig Farming

    h. Aquaculture (fish farming)

    i. Bees Farming

5. Developing Nation Technologies

    a. Green Houses (conventional and hot box)

    b. Solar Dehydrators (fruit, veggies and meat)

    c. Solar Oven

    d. Solar Water heater

    e. Well Drilling

    f. Windmills

    g. Utilizing Solar power

    h. Composting Toilets (dry and wet)

    i. Basic Health

6. Seminar Classes

    a. Food preservation

    b. Backyard poultry

    c. Backyard Family aquaponics

    d. Bread making

    e. Canning

    f. Cheese making

    g. Family dairy goat

    h. Family dairy cow

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